Pronuclear Injection

Services offered

a) Advice in designing constructs in terms of expression vectors with specific expression, or other types of transgenic approaches.

b) Isolation and purification of a DNA fragment for microinjection from a ‘Qiagen’ quality plasmid prep.

b) Pronuclear injection of DNA constructs and embryo transfer.

c) Advice on animal breeding.

d) Shipping of potential transgenic founder animals to the collaboration partner for further testing and breeding.

Conditions requested

a) Cloning of the transgene containing vector

b) Supply of a minimum of 50 µg of ‘Qiagen’-quality plasmid prep together with a detailed restriction map and documented test digests, which enable us to cut out the DNA fragment for injection.

c) A Southern blot or PCR from genomic DNA with the diluted construct added, to prove detectability of the transgene

d) An address to which potential founder mice can be shipped.